Welcome Bitsy to the Web

These days, if you want to connect with audiences and promote your brand online, you’ve got to have a visually appealing, functionally sound, mobile responsive website. This isn’t optional – it’s an absolute necessity. And it’s true for businesses and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

But startups, micro-businesses, and other tiny organizations looking to establish themselves online face a particular dilemma. They need a solid web presence, but the cost of a fully custom-built website can be prohibitive. Here at Rosie’s Creative, we’ve dealt with a number of clients over the years who would have liked a custom web build, but just weren’t in a position to commit to the expense. Many who are facing this dilemma go with inexpensive DIY website builders, but these are an imperfect solution, leaving the client on their own without the benefit of expert knowledge or professional support.

In response to this, we at Rosie’s Creative are embarking today on a new venture. We are proud to announce the launch of Bitsy Web – an all new project from the team at Rosie’s Creative, aimed at helping startups and micro-businesses get a foothold on the web while adhering to a tight budget. Bitsy Web will provide professional-quality service and support, alongside a streamlined production process designed to keep costs manageable. Instead of building each website from the ground up, Bitsy Web sites will be built using our custom-made Bitsy Templates as a starting point.

Bitsy Web was born of the idea that even the smallest of businesses shouldn’t have to go it alone on the web. We envision it as a stepping stone for businesses that are just starting out – when a startup chooses Bitsy Web to build their first website, they’re entering into a partnership that allows their web presence to grow with their business. Since service is provided by the team at Rosie’s Creative, if a client decides it’s time for a more robust website, Rosie’s Creative will be right there to help them take that next step.

As we set out on this new endeavor, we’re certainly open to any feedback from existing Rosie’s Creative clients, or any potential new clients who think Bitsy Web might be a good fit for their website needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns that you might have.