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No matter the size of your business, you want to put your best foot forward online.
And if your business is small, or just starting out, you’ve got to be budget-conscious, too.

That’s why here at Bitsy Web, we’ve made it our mission to provide small businesses and startups with high quality, professionally serviced WordPress© sites at an affordable price. We handle the hosting, the launch, the design and page layout – and we do it quickly, with a target build time of 5 business days. And of course, every website we build is mobile-friendly, so that you can get your message out there onto screens of every shape and size.

Service is provided by the team at Rosie’s Creative, a full service creative design, development, and marketing agency based in Baltimore, Maryland. Our creative professionals have more than three decades of combined experience in web development, graphic design, and copy writing. When you choose Bitsy Web, you’re entering into a partnership that allows your web presence to grow with your business. Start with a Bitsy Web site, and when you’re ready to expand, Rosie’s Creative is right there to help you transition to a more robust website.

Bitsy Web sites are 100% American made and locally serviced. When you build your site with us, you’re keeping your money in the community, and you’re getting a product that’s designed, developed, and supported right here in the U.S.A. – no calling overseas for tech support!

Just because you’re a small business, doesn’t mean you need to “do it yourself” when it comes to getting a website up and running – but you also don’t want to spend a fortune. Let Bitsy Web take the high costs and headaches out of the equation, and build you a professional quality website that’s effective, affordable, and perfectly suited to your business needs.

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