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When marketing your business or nonprofit, it’s often said you need to “find where the people are and bring your business to them.” Waiting around and hoping that your new clients, customers, or donors will notice you isn’t an effective strategy. Being pro-active and engaged in your own growth is absolutely essential, but how do you do that and run your business at the same time? Bitsy is here to help you discover new ways of expanding your brand and marketing reach. Now, more than ever, it is vitally important to connect with your clients and court them.

Social Media Marketing is a fantastic way to reach out to your target audience in a personal way. It is a marketing medium that allows you to control and personalize almost every element of your brand online – from tone, to content, to design – and Bitsy Social Media can do it for you. We work with you to develop a brand personality and directly engage your customers, and while you measure the results of your campaigns in real time and sales numbers.

Bitsy Social can help you harness the power of social media to nurture meaningful brand awareness and foster brand loyalty. Bitsy offers several different social media packages designed for growth.

Bitsy Social Level 1

$50 One Time Setup Cost
Cancel Anytime w/ 30 Day Notice

Lovingly known as the “bare minimum” package, the Level 1 Bitsy Social Media Package gives new businesses, small businesses, and small nonprofits the most basic social media coverage available from Bitsy Web.

Intended as more of a light, occasional presence for brands that need minor social media help, this is what we at Bitsy have determined to be the most minimal program for boosting SEO and social media awareness – while still producing desirable results.

What you get…

  • Setup & Branding of 1 Social Media Account
  • 4 Social Posts per Month, 1 per Week
  • Pro Advertisement Setup (if desired)
  • Comment & Reputation Monitoring

Bitsy Social Level 2

$99 One Time Setup Cost
6 Month Minimum Contract

The Level 2 Bitsy Social Media Package is a great value focused package for start-ups, businesses and small nonprofits. The Level 2 option offers more coverage for local brands looking to expand their marketable presence.

Intended as a more comprehensive approach to social media for budget-conscious organizations, this package focuses on gaining new followers, leveraging the power of social advertising, and also engaging your target audience for a more meaningful experience.

What you get…

  • Setup & Branding of 2 Social Media Accounts
  • 8 Social Posts per Month (4 Per Account, 1 Per Week)
  • Pro Advertisement Setup & Ongoing Optimization
  • Comment & Reputation Monitoring
  • 1 Growth Consultation w/ Account Manager per Month

Bitsy Social Level 3

$149 One Time Setup Cost
12 Month Minimum Contract

For our clients who are prepared to market more aggressively with social media, Bitsy offers the Level 3 Bitsy Social Media Package. The Level 3 option nearly doubles the amount of coverage in the Level 2 package, while also taking social marketing a step further by incorporating multi-media strategies and online sales.

Intended to be the most comprehensive approach to social media for Bitsy clients, this package focuses on gaining new followers, interacting with the brand audience online to create a memorable experience, leveraging the power of social advertising, but also adds new technology like Live Video Feeds, Online Direct Sales, and Custom Marketing Contests, to create powerful results.

What you get…

  • Setup & Branding of 3 Social Media Accounts
  • 12 Social Posts per Month
  • Event Pages & Calendar Maintenance (if available)
  • 1 Live Video or 1 15 Sec Promo Video per Month
  • 1 Contest or Raffle per Month
  • Email List Signup Form (if available)
  • Online Product Sales for 1 Social Account (varies based on account)
  • Pro Advertisement Setup & Ongoing Optimization
  • Comment & Reputation Monitoring
  • 1 Growth Consultation w/ Account Manager per Month
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