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Its Easy to Get Your Bitsy Website.

No matter the size of your business, you want to put your best foot forward online. That’s why here at Bitsy Web, we’ve made it our mission to provide small businesses and startups with high quality, professionally serviced WordPress© sites at an affordable price. We handle the hosting, the launch, the design and page layout – and we do it quickly, with a target build time of 5 business days. And of course, every website we build is mobile-friendly, so that you can get your message out there onto screens of every shape and size.

Bitsy Web sites are 100% American made and locally serviced. When you build your site with us, you’re keeping your money in the community, and you’re getting a product that’s designed, developed, and supported right here in the U.S.A. – no calling overseas for tech support!

Choose a Bitsy plan that works for you and your business. We have three great options, designed to grow even the smallest of start-ups, which are fully expandable, meaning you can add onto your plan at any time, as you grow.

Bitsy Basic Site

$500 Website Setup
+ $10/Month Premium Hosting

The Bitsy Basic Site Package Includes…

  • Bitsy Website Design
  • Bitsy Website Launch
  • Bitsy Website Premium Hosting
  • 3 Completed Content Pages
  • 1 Contact Form
  • 6 Month Minimum Contract
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Bitsy Deluxe Site

$700 Website Setup
+ $14/Month Premium Hosting

The Bitsy Deluxe Site Package Includes…

  • Bitsy Website Design
  • Bitsy Website Launch
  • Bitsy Website Premium Hosting
  • 5 Website Content Pages
  • 1 Contact Form
  • Blog with 1 Category
  • Deluxe Control Panel
  • 12 Month Minimum Contract
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Bitsy Premium Site

$1,000 Website Setup
+ $14/Month Premium Hosting

The Bitsy Premium Site Package Includes…

  • Bitsy Website Design
  • Bitsy Website Launch
  • Bitsy Website Premium Hosting
  • 5 Completed Content Pages w/ Templates
  • “Build Your Own” Interactive Content Page Builder
  • Unlimited Web Forms
  • Blog with 3 Categories
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Premium Admin Access
  • 12 Month Minimum Contract
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Bitsy Web is Much More Than Just a Website.

With Bitsy Web, you get a partner for the digital life of your business. We’ve taken over 3 decades of web development, search engine optimization, and social media marketing knowledge and combined them into one affordable, easy-to-manage package. With your Bitsy Web plan, you get all of the below plus the ability to grow, expand, and add-on new features without the web development headaches (or cost).

Bitsy Design

These days, consumers have become accustomed to a certain standard of design from a professional-quality website. If your site looks crude or amateurish in comparison, it will reflect poorly on your business. But effective, impactful web design doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

With Bitsy Design, you can choose from one of our design templates, and we’ll customize it to fit the unique needs of your business. All we need is your high-res logo, chosen brand colors, and the Bitsy Template of your choice. We’ll do the rest.

If you have promotional photos or other graphics you’d like to incorporate into the site design, great – we can use them. If not, you can always purchase stock photography on your own from a third-party vendor, or you can buy it directly from Bitsy Web. The choice is yours.

Special Offer – Get a Custom Bitsy Site Design

Don’t see what you’re looking for in our selection of Bitsy Templates? Maybe you have a specific design or site layout in mind? Maybe we can help each other out! Bitsy is always developing new layouts and templates for our clients. Contact us if you’re interested in paying a little extra for a custom site design – your new website could be the prototype for a new, next-level design. 

Bitsy Pages

When building a website, attention to detail can mean the difference between a finished site that’s merely adequate for your needs, and one that truly excels at communicating your message. That’s why Bitsy Web puts in a little extra effort to create purposefully designed, professional-quality page layouts for each interior page of your website.

Bitsy Pages builds on the broader design of your chosen Bitsy Template to give a complete, custom-tailored look to your new website. Taking contemporary design standards into account, while also considering practical factors like user interface and search engine optimization, we fine-tune every page for maximum impact and effectiveness.

Bitsy Copy – Add-On Service

We believe the best person to write about your business is you. So, if you’ve already got content ready to go, great! We’ll go ahead and plug it into your Bitsy Pages.

But if you’re having trouble writing page content, don’t worry, we can help. Bitsy Copy can provide your business with succinct, SEO-ready copy writing, specifically written  for your business and your target audience. You’ll work with one of our accomplished authors to tell your perfect story, sell your product, raise awareness for your cause, or to meet any other objective. Let’s get your message web-ready!

Add Bitsy Copy to any site for $45 per Page (Maximum 350 words per page)

Bitsy Launch

Once your website is fully built, Bitsy Web will launch it as soon as you give us the green-light to go live! But there’s more to launching a website than just uploading everything to a web server and calling it a day. A professional website launch also entails making sure that the site is running smoothly once it’s live. Not to worry – Bitsy Launch has you covered.

Upon launch, we’ll test your site to make sure there are no nasty glitches or anomalies, and make quick corrections if necessary, to provide the smoothest launch experience possible. The whole launch cycle is complete within 24 hours.

After launch, Bitsy Web will promote your new site (and your business) across our extensive social and professional network.

Bitsy Hosting

Quality web hosting is the foundation of a quality website. It can mean the difference between a site that is a benefit to your business, and one that is a liability. If your site is slow, unreliable, or prone to security issues, you run the risk of turning away potential customers by leaving them with a less than favorable impression of your business.

That’s why at Bitsy Web, we offer industry-level hosting to our clients, comparable to what you’d expect from any big-name web company. So when you build your website with us, you can be assured it rests on a solid foundation.

With Bitsy Hosting, you get:

  • Secure hosting on a dedicated private server
  • Regular site backups and maintenance
  • WordPress updates
  • Antivirus monitoring
  • Protection from malware and hackers

Bitsy Hosting also offers the benefit of expert tech support, based in the U.S.A. Any technical problems that might arise with your website will be handled by our locally based web professionals – never outsourced to an overseas call center.

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